Who is Black Thorne Pipe Band

Black Thorne Pipe Band

the Black Thorne Pipe Band, based in West Palm Beach, is one of South Florida’s most popular Performance Pipe Bands.​ We have performed in events in St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, and Broward county and are always the highlight of the night

Black Thorne Pipe Band

Our goal is to always play great music and to play it well. We focus on keeping things interesting bringing a more modern approach to pipe music. We play modern style tunes, along with the classics with a twist. We play tunes with multi-part harmonies and unique settings. 

Unlike other bands, our drum section is integrated into the spirt of the band.  The drums feature multipart and custom scores, where each drum has its own voice and the whole band, its distinctive style. 

Our members have various backgrounds, with training in other instruments. Combined, we have well over 100 years of experience. This mix of players allows us to create our own, unique voice. 

We are not a military style marching band. We are a performance band and this is reflected in our musical style, dress and composure. 

Black Thorne Pipe Band is available for public or private events, large or small, and with a wide range of options, from a full bagpipe band to a solo bagpiper, we can always meet your need or budget.

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